Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Wild Goddess? Me? Wild? A Goddess? Me? Wait… Me?

Am I wild? I live a very tame life compared to others. I get up between 4:30 am – 5:30am each morning, shower, dress, head to work for a 10-12-hour day, head home to make dinner, walk my sweet dog Scout, go to the gym, come home, bathe, and go to sleep. Nothing about that sounds wild to me.
The dictionary describes “Wild” as uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in the pursuit of pleasure. I definitely don’t feel that I am wild based on that definition.
A Goddess… Even harder to identify myself as a Goddess. The dictionary gives the definition of A Goddess as a female deity; A woman who is adored, especially for her beauty. Well… hmmm… I have never thought of myself or ever really been told I was any great beauty. So according to those two definitions I wouldn’t really think of myself as A Wild Goddess.
But then comes the question…
What if I did? What if I suspended my reality of myself and embraced myself as a Wild Goddess? What would that look like? How would I act? What would I be doing differently in my life?
With one step into the unknown I made myself a list, envisioning what I would do as a Wild Goddess.
If I was a Wild Goddess I would:
1. I would do crazy unexpected things.

2. I would do things that made me feel free.

3. I would do my hair and makeup and do my best to feel and own my beauty.

4. I would dance and move my body in a sexual way.

5. I would do whatever I want to when I want to.

Then I decided to live one day completely embracing myself as a Wild Goddess. I can do anything for a day! This is what came from that day. I thought it would be a step by step list of what I did, instead it was a different kind of list entirely. Nothing like the original list I created.
1. I embraced life and all it offers me fully. With a deep knowing inside myself that life happens for me, not to me. I stopped all victim self-talk.

2. My attitude about my life and life in general changed drastically. I adopted an attitude of, “I got this”, “I’ll figure it out”, and “I can do anything”.

3. Everything I do, say, think and feel is to nourish myself. If I falter and make a decision that isn’t in my best interest, I am kind to myself and I pick myself up, forgive myself and start again.

4. I looked at the light and the dark sides of myself and realized I need to embrace both to truly grow, so being the Wild Goddess that I am, I dove in.

5. I realized that in order to be more present with others, I must first be present with myself.

6. I was me, in all my beauty, in all my messiness, in everything, I was me.

Being a Wild Goddess isn’t something I need to do or an image I need to portray. It’s a place inside myself where I feel connected and whole. Where I freely give myself to my inner knowing and give myself permission to express that outwardly. I embrace all of me. The light and the dark and all the places yet to be explored. I have stopped comparing my life to others and from the place of owning my Wild Goddess, I instead ask myself the constant questions, “how would I act, feel, think, talk, share, find adventure, live wholly and completely as a Wild Goddess. So yes, I embrace that I am a Wild Goddess. I am a woman who is uncontrolled and unrestrained in my pursuit of pleasure & I am a woman who is adored, especially for my beauty (in all forms) by the most important person, myself.


Laura Probert said...

I love this so much. I'm so glad you tried the "wild goddess for a day" experiment - and hope it'll be your new norm! Fantastic!!

Melissa Robyn said...

It is my new normal, and I have you to thank for that!!!! Thank you Laura!